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Monitoring Equipment

Torque Logic Monitoring & Data Logging System

Digga's Torque Logic for Screw Piling is a revolutionary new torque monitoring and data logging system which replaces the hood pin. Where conventional hydraulic reading can be 30-50% out, our monitoring solution offers true torque readings that are 98% accurate!

Collected data can be exported via USB for certification by site engineer or manipulated using Microsoft Excel. No additional software is required.

Torque Logic can be installed by simply replacing your current pin with a new load cell. Unlike other systems, there is no loss of boom height.

  • More than just torque
    • 98% accurate torque measurement
    • Alignment indicator
    • Data logging
    • Downloadable to USB
    • Depth Measuring (Optional)
  • Simple installation
    • Calibrated pin replaces existing hood pin
    • In-cab 8.4" or 4.3" touch screen displays
    • Superior design & engineered for tough conditions
  • Exportable data logging records
    • Torque, screw anchor depth, angle, date, time
    • Additional user-defined export fields
    • Optional laser range finder for automated depth measurement & recording

Features & Benefits

Digga Torque Logic is the easiest and most accurate torque measuring device for screw pile instalation available. It's easy to install, replace your current hood pin with the Torque Login pin and run a cable from the pin to the cab mounted display. All recorded data including pile number, date and time, torque reading, Depth (optional) and angle is exportable to USB for analysis and engineering certification.

Hover your mouse over the features´ 'plus' symbol on the diagram below to reveal the respective benefits.

Torque Logic Range Specifications

Maximum torque up to 29500 Nm up to 92000 nm up to 300000 nm up to 490000 nm
Pin Diameter 45mm 75mm 100mm 120mm