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Drilling auger drive units for mini loaders.
Trenchers - machines up to 4.5t

Drilling auger drives for mini loaders

Digga's range of drilling drives for mini loaders - The ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. Over 35 years of design, development, and manufacturing using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control methods. Digga drilling drives are backed by industry leading warranty and local factory support.

Learn about auger drives

Pair your drive to suit your machine type and achieve optimum performance, find out how to avoid costly repairs, and how the auger drive has technologically developed over the years.

Bigfoot trencher - Adjustable depth skid foot - Digga Australia

2-way & 4-way swing

Use the 2-way (fore/aft) swing auger drive model for most common applications such as general post hole drilling, piers, fencing, etc or the 4-way (fore/aft, side-to-side) model for drilling perpendicular holes on grounds which slope to the side.

Bigfoot trencher - Adjustable depth skid foot - Digga Australia

Multi-purpose cradle design

Drill holes for fence posts or piers and swap over to a Digga cement mixer with a 70L working capacity with ease.

Bigfoot trencher - Compact drive units - Digga Australia

Compact & reliable

Unlike others who have to adapt to off-the-shelf componentry for their gearboxes, we design every component for its intended purpose, resulting in a much more compact and reliable drive.

Bigfoot trencher - Adjustable depth skid foot - Digga Australia

Ultimate shaft side load rating

A 2-piece shaft design ensures maximum side load ratings without increasing load on the bearings with a lifetime shaft pull-out warranty.

Bigfoot trencher - Adjustable depth skid foot - Digga Australia

Safety features

Prevents the auger drive from swinging overhead, protecting the operator. Also prevents damage to your machine, hoses, or other attachments (such as cement mixer or augers) with dual-axis built-in safety stops.

Australian made - Digga Australia

Australian made

Our product quality and innovation leads the industry. 100% Australian made, designed and manufactured for Australian conditions, providing you with versatility, competitive pricing and a factory-backed warranty.

Specifications 2-way swing 4-way swing
Rec Flow Range 20-60 lpm 20-60 lpm
Torque 2900 Nm @ 205 bar 2900 Nm @ 205 bar
Motor Geroler by Danfoss Geroler by Danfoss
Max Pressure - Do not exceed 205 bar @ 40 lpm 205 bar @ 40 lpm
Max Flow - Do not exceed 60 lpm @ 160 bar 60 lpm @ 160 bar
Max Power - Do not exceed 15 Kw 15 Kw
Overall Length 434 mm 475 mm
Overall Width 615 mm 615 mm
Overall Height 483 mm 483 mm
Weight 62 kg 65 kg
Std Output Shaft 65 mm Round 65 mm Round
Rec Auger 4 Series / TP 4 Series / TP
Max Auger Dia Clay / Shale 600 mm 600 mm
Max Auger Dia Earth 750 mm 750 mm