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Digga Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

A floating tyne design offers unparalleled safety for skid steer loaders. Unlike forklifts, skid steers are able to crowd their pickup past horizontal allowing the machine to be placed in an unsafe position which could cause it to tip over. Furthermore, putting the machine’s weight on the tynes may cause them to weaken or break. Digga’s pallet fork design allows the tynes to swing freely from a single fixed point ensuring load and operator safety. Also available: Pallet Forks for Multifit Skid Steers and Pallet Forks for Mini Machines

If you care about safety then a floating tyne design is the only safe choice for skid steer loaders.

  • Australian made frame designed from quality steel
  • Tynes load rating tested to ISO 2330 standards
  • Easy quick fit attachment for most skid steer loaders
  • 1200kg, 1600kg and 1900kg load ratings available
  • Bale spears/pallet fork combo frame also available
  • Easy width adjustment, and foldable safety guard down for compact transport and storage

Machine Suitability

Suits skid steer loaders, front end loaders, tractors and Telehandlers.

Features & Benefits

Digga Pallet Forks come standard with practical features. Hover your mouse over the features´ 'plus' symbol on the diagram below to reveal the respective benefits.


Digga's floating tyne pallet fork design.

Pallet Forks Specifications

Specification 900 kg 1200 kg 1600 kg 1900 kg
Length (Tynes & Frame) 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm 1270 mm
Height (Frame & Tynes) 1120 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm 1120 mm
Width (Frame) 1224 mm 1224 mm 1224 mm 1224 mm
Weight (Overrall) 110 kg 110 kg 125 kg 173 kg