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Continuous augers for drilling - Digga Australia
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Continuous flight augers

Digga manufactures a range of continuous flight augers ideally suited for soil sampling, under road boring and drilling for bore water. Continuous flight augers suit Exploratory Micro Drill Rigs, Small Soil Sampling Vehicles and Mini Loader Drill Mast. Need a complete custom solution? Visit our Custom Auger section.

Learn more about augers

Gain insight on correct drilling procedures, improving drilling performance, maintaining your equipment, cutting head design, and which teeth to use for varying ground conditions.

Australian made quality

Over 30 years of auger design and manufacturing using only the highest quality material has resulted in an extremely efficient cutting head design and optimum flight pitches to provide maximum soil removal in all ground conditions.

Replaceable Pilots

A variety of pilots are available in Tungsten or Multi Faced Tungsten to suits standard to hard ground conditions. 80mm to 125mm sizes available.

Length and width options available

1200mm to 1800mm length options and 65mm to 200mm width options available.

Extendable lengths

Extend the length of the continuous flight auger with the use of hex joiners and D-Clips.

Custom continuous flight augers also available

Custom continuous flight augers to suit machines up to 50 tonne are available upon request. Click here to see some photos. For a complete custom solution, visit our Custom Auger section.

Features and benefits

  • Replaceable pilots available in Tungsten or Multi Faced Tungsten
  • Australian Made Quality using superior materials
  • 5 different widths and 3 length options
  • Lengths connected using hex joiner and clips
  • Suitable for Exploratory Micro Drill Rigs, Small Soil Sampling Vehicles & Mini Loader Drill Masts
Diameters Available 65mm, 80mm, 95mm, 150mm, 200mm
Lengths Available 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm
Hub / Joiner Size 65mm to 95mm use 1 1/8” - 150mm to 200mm use 1 3/4”