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Digga Stump Grinder

Terminator Stump Grinder

Machine: Mini Machines

Attachment: Terminator Stump Grinder

Class: Uses Own Independent Motor

Stumps taking too long to grind?

Save time & money and disintegrate tree stumps into wood chips quickly with Digga's Terminator. With its own motor and Carbide tipped teeth, ensure you get the job done effortlessly. Our stump grinder is powered by a 28hp direct drive engine eliminating the need to rely on the machine's hydraulics.

The Terminator has proven to be very popular for tree care professionals and land care maintenance. Fingertip controls fit to the loader for safe and easy operation offering easy-to-use hydraulic slew and cutting depth options.

  • Fingertip controls fit to the loader for safe & easy operation
  • Triple belt drive system handles horse power load
  • Centrifical clutch system ensures cutting wheel stops
    turning when motor is idling
  • 45° hydraulic powered slew either sides
  • Powered by its own 28HP class Honda engine
  • 3 different teeth options
  • Australian made with industry leading warranty

Features & Benefits

Digga's NEW Terminator Stump Grinder comes with some fantastic features. Hover your mouse over the features´ 'plus' symbol on the diagram below to reveal the respective benefits.

Terminator Stump Grinder Specifications

Length 1160 mm
Horizontal Height 1350 mm
Width 840 mm
Wheel Diameter 380 mm
Number of Cutting Teeth 8
Hydraulic Slew (Either Side) 45°
Max RPM 3,600 rpm
Operating Weight 261 kg