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25 July 2023
Zoe Davies takes the helm at Digga, with Alan Wade stepping down from his role as CEO.
28 October 2022
During a few turbulant years for the industry, Digga Australia has been building greatness from the inside out.
24 September 2021
Internationally acclaimed manufacturer Digga Australia is battling to overcome a shortage of skilled workers.
17 March 2020
The Digga Australia Group is currently monitoring the impacts and concerns associated with the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) very closely.
15 March 2019
As one of the major sponsors and organiser, Digga together with other sponsors and supporters within the earthmoving industry, were able to raise $32,500 in donation at the Diesel Dirt and Turf Annual Charity Golf Day 2019.
12 November 2018
On Saturday night, Digga Australia were awarded “Gold Coast Manufacturer of the Year” at the annual Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards.
11 October 2018
Digga Australia, a leading manufacturer of earthmoving attachments and mini loaders, today announced that they were awarded the “Dermot McManus Award” for innovation at the annual Premier of Queensland Export Awards.
3 October 2018
Digga Australia are proud to announce that they have been announced winners of the Manufacturing award at the August Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards!
29 August 2018
Digga machinery attachments are available all over the world through our dedicated dealer network. The guys at Paalupiste in Finland recently used the Digga PD40 to install over 600 screwpiles for railway noise barriers.
06 Sept 2017
Digga Australia offer a practical range of solutions for customers with their range of machinery attachments. Summit Landscapes in NSW tell us why they choose Digga.
30 Aug 2017
Digga Australia are proud to announce that they have been announced winners of the Manufacturing award at the August Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards!

03 Aug 2017
Solidity Pty Ltd believe that supporting Australian manufacturing, skills and ingenuity should be top of the list when selecting new machinery attachments.
28 July 2017
Rusin purchased a Bigfoot XD 1200 Digga trencher earlier this year especially for a project. Find out how it went here ...
24 July 2017
When business owner Phil Shovlin takes time out to write an email to our head office thanking staff for their exceptional service, we know he means business!
20 July 2017
Steve Hassett, Foundation Technologies Australia business owner and co-founder used his first Digga auger drive unit in January 2017 and since then he’s never looked back ...
11 July 2017
Sydney wide DNA Contract Services are a well-established company specialising in excavations, earthworks, haulage and sediment control and trusted by some of Australia’s biggest builders ...
10 July 2017
It’s been just over 12 months since the fire which destroyed our head office and factory in Yatala, Queensland but with new state of the art technology, a hell of a lot of team work and a drive to keep Australian manufacturing ...
Press Release - Video credit to www.constructionsales.com.au
4 Mar 2016
In the early hours of last Wednesday morning (2nd of March) an electrical fault started a fire in one of the service areas of our main manufacturing facility in Yatala Queensland. ...
Press Release - Digga CEO Media Address
7 May 2015
Ron Horner gets to grips with one of Digga’s Bigfoot trenchers, attaching it to a 5-tonne Yanmar excavator and declaring it to be a great Aussie innovation for the small machinery industry. ...
Article by Ron Horner - Eartmovers & Excavators Magazine
5 May 2015
The pioneer of pendulum drilling in Australia has released the next generation of auger drives. Digga’s range of two speed drives are set to revolutionise the drilling industry. Not since reduction gearboxes replaced chain driven drives in the mid 80’s has there been such an evolution in design and performance. ...
10 February 2015
Suzie Wright seems young to be CEO of a fast-growing, worldwide manufacturing outfit. But this Gold Coast business leader has been around heavy machinery all her 40 or so years. ...
Article by Earthmoving Equipment Magazine
2 February 2015
New Holland’s range of compact track loaders designed for hard work on rugged Australian jobsites, fitted with a Digga Rotary Axe and Magnum Mulcher, now doing its bit to help save the native Tasmanian forest ...
Case Study by New Holland Agriculture
6 November 2014
Tim Nicholls, QLD Treasurer visited Digga's manufacturing facility in Yatala last Thursday and gave a press conference to release new job figures. At the start of the speech Mr Nicholls talks about his tour of the Digga factory ...
Digga Australia - Winner of the Qld Manufacturing Exporter of the year award - 2014
16 October 2014
DIGGA were awarded QLD Manufacturing Exporter of the Year at the annual Premier of Queensland Export Awards. The event, in its 25th year brings together Queensland’s top exporting companies ...
Digga Australia - Winner of the Gold Coast Business award - Oct 2014
1 October 2014
Digga Australia took out the September manufacturing and construction award at the Gold Coast Business Excellence Award last night. By winning this award Digga now go into the running to win Gold Coast Business of the Year, an award Digga has won twice previously in 2003 and 2009 ...
Digga Australia - EERM Reviews Digga's Swing Control Technology
16 June 2014
EERM recently tested a new Digga PD4 auger drive with Digga's own ‘swing control’ technology. As predicted, the unit performed flawlessly and the swing control unit left EERM wondering why it’s not compulsory on all jobsites ...
Article by Jon Gibson / Image by www.sassy-jayne.com.au
Digga Australia - Suzie Wright - Gold Coast Business Excelennce and Dermot McManus Awards 2013
25 October 2013
Digga Australia has won the October Award for Manufacturing & Construction, in the Gold Coast Business Excellence Awards. The award was proudly accepted by Company CEO Suzie Wright, at a presentation hosted at Bruce Lynton BMW in Southport last night ...
Digga Australia - Nick Morris- U21 Speedway World Championship 2013
7 July 2013
Young Australian Nick Morris has enjoyed an astounding amount of success since he appeared on the UK scene three years ago. Since 2010 he has helped rake in not one, but at least three pieces of league-racing silverware at National, Premier, and Elite League levels! ...
Article by Hayley Bromley
Digga Australia - Nick Morris- U21 Speedway World Championship 2013
21 June 2013
Like most 11 year old boys Chase loves his Rugby League and is a devoted Queenslander. He loves nothing more than to cheer on the mighty Maroons. But unlike most kids his age, he’s endured a lot throughout his young life. Digga heard of Chase’s story and his wish were delighted to help ...
Digga Australia - Nick Morris- U21 Speedway World Championship 2013
24 April 2013
Digga is proud to announce the sponsorship of Nick Morris - a speedway rider from Brisbane currently excelling in the UK. He rides for the Somerset Rebels in the Premier League and for the Swindon Robins in the Elite League. Nick will represent Australia next week in the U21 World to be held in Germany ...
Digga Australia - Tradeearthmovers.com.au interview at ACE 2013
11 March 2013
Digga Australia unveiled three new products at the ACE Expo last month. Tradeearthmovers.com.au speaks to Digga Australia's Sales & Admin Manager (Vic) about the new releases - The Rotary Axe, a Heavy Duty 4-in-1 Bucket for larger machinery, and the Ezi-Loada aluminium range of ramps ...
21-23 February 2013
See us at the 'Kings of Construction - ACE 2013 Expo' (Vic) - Ttalk to industry experts about your attachment requirements. We'll be releasing a new range of Aluminium Loading Ramps as well as displaying over 20 attachments - including our latest products; the Rotary Axe and Heavy Duty 4 in 1 Bucket. See us at site F16. Pre-register for FREE ENTRY. - www.aceexpo.com.au.
18 January 2013
AUSTRALIA’S No.1 manufacturer of earthmoving equipment has streamlined operations with its Kanga Loaders brand now operating independently with a fully integrated manufacturing, fabrication and servicing plant ...
Digga Service amalgamates back into Digga and Kanga Loaders
18 January 2013
For the past three years, Digga Service and Spares has operated as the supplier for both Digga Australia and Kanga Loaders. Digga wishes to advise that as of Monday January 21, our service division 'Digga Service' will be amalgamated back into the respective Digga and Kanga Loader businesses.
8 November 2012
With much of Australia facing the worst bushfire conditions in 40 years according to the Rural Fire Service, land and vegetation clearing to create much-needed firebreaks is already underway in many parts of the country. While back burning is the preferred method, it’s not always possible, making Digga Australia’s Mulcher an ideal alternative ...
18 September 2012
Od kilkudziesięciu lat pale wkręcane przeżywają renesans i są powszechnie stosowane niemal w każdym sektorze budownictwa wodno- lądowego. Ilość możliwych zastosowań dla fundamentów opartych na palach śrubowych rośnie obecnie bardziej niż kiedykolwiek, a do tego nadal tworzone są i rozwijane kolejne niszowe rozwiązania ...
3 September 2012
Digga Australia has set up a plant in Dyersville, the US city made famous by the Kevin Costner movie Field of Dreams ...
Article from Weeklytimes Now
28 August 2012
A Qld man who spent years trying to break Digga auger drive units says he now can’t run his business without them. Geoff Taunton runs Gold Coast Screw Piers, a deep foundation system provider servicing over 200 clients ...
Article from Hardman Communications
7 July 2012
YATALA earthmoving equipment manufacturer Digga is posed to embark on its own version of a scene out from the movie Field of Dreams. It is to hold a ground-breaking ceremony for a new Digga factory in the US city of Dyersville, where the Kevin Costner movie was made ...
Article from Gold Coast Bulletin
4 July 2012
DYERSVILLE, Iowa - Dignitaries and economic development officials from across Dubuque and Delaware counties gathered at the 20 West Industrial Center in Dyersville Tuesday morning, gold shovels in hand, to welcome Digga to eastern Iowa ...
Article from THonline.com
July 2012
Much has been said about our expansion into the US. Please read the (attached) article to gain further understanding of our global position. Digga remains committed to supplying the local market with Australia’s leading machinery attachment range, Digga will be expanding our range and releasing numerous product upgrades over coming months ...
July 2012
With 29 years of experience in drilling design and tachnology, Digga is one of the great success stories of the Australian engineering scene. But in economically uncertain times, how is this little big company faring? ...
Article from Contractor Magazine
July 2012
Digga’s executive team’s perception and insight were invaluable qualities a few years ago in the lead-up to the global financial crisis. CEO and Managing Director Suzie Wright saw the writing on the wall for Australia while on a business trip to the US ...
Article from CEO Magazine - July
29 June 2012
DIGGA CEO Suzie Wright has weathered the economic downturn and unearthed incredible potential. 1. Can you tell us a bit about what Digga does? Digga is Australia's No.1 manufacturer of attachments for earthmoving equipment and a developer of world-leading technology. The company employs 200 staff ...
Article from Boom Magazine, The Courier Mail
27 June 2012
Digga has already started to dig at Dyersville's 20 West Industrial Park. The Australia based manufacturer of earthmoving equipment broke ground on Monday at the future site of a 34,500 square-foot facility ...
Article from THonline.com
June 2012
Yatala company Digga Australia is on the cusp of a major expansion, opening a $1.25 million American arm that's expected to boost revenue by a fifth over three years. "It's a manufacturing Mecca over there" Digga Australia CEO Suzie Wright, commented ...
Article from The Courier Mail
June 2012
Construction started this week on Digga Australia’s $2.5 million plant in Iowa in the American Midwest. CEO Suzie Wright has left the earthmoving manufacturer’s Yatala base for the United States to oversee construction of the 3200sqm factory at Dyersville, which will employ 30 people ...
Article from Gold Coast Business News
20 June 2012
On June 14, 3 Australians employed by a multinational manufacturing company settled into their new home in Dyersville conveniently located a few blocks from the site of their planned 36,680 square foot facility. The new building will anchor the 20 West Industrial Center ...
Article from Dyersville Commercial
21 May 2012
Digga dubs itself Australia’s premier attachment manufacturer. But these aren’t just empty words. Established in 1981, Digga pioneered pendulum drilling in Australia and is Australia’s leading manufacturer of planetary drive boring and trenching attachments for construction and other heavy industries. Digga offers more than 80 different attachments, replacement parts ...
Article from Hydraulics & Pneumatics
17 May 2012
Digga, Australia’s largest manufacturer of machinery attachments has released a new high visibility grill on their range of 4in1 buckets. The grill offers 30% improved front edge visibility while still preventing 20mm road aggregate from passing through the grill. Three non-slip steps have been added to the top of the grill. “The steps are a fantastic addition to the bucket ...
Article from What Tradies Want
4 April 2012
On March 26, the Iowa Economic Development Authority approved plans by Digga, LLC, to build a 36,680 square foot facility in Dyersville. The motion will grant $240,000 in financial assistance for the $2.2 million capital investment. It will allow the company to build its first site in North America and second international branch, creating roughly 30 jobs in the region ...
Article from Dyersville Commercial
29 September 2011
Today Tony Abbott the leader of the opposition, paid a visit to Digga Australia’s state of the art manufacturing facility in Yatala, Brisbane. Mr Abbott spent a couple of hours at Digga followed by a large media contingent. He toured the 12,500sq/m facility with Digga CEO Suzie Wright ...
Worn Gearbox
Utilising our hydraulic cyclic test unit we set out to compare the wear on a drive unit serviced at different intervals over a 10 year period. One was serviced as per the owners manual, the second was serviced once and the last unit never had an oil change ...
Digga Acquires Universal Augers Australia
15 June 2010
Digga Australia Managing Director/CEO Suzie Wright, announced today the company has acquired the Australian arm of Universal Augers International Ltd, Universal Augers Australia Pty Ltd ...
Digga was ranked the No1 manufacturer in Queensland by Queensland Business Review. Overall, Digga was ranked 65th in the Q400 which recognises Queenslands top 400 companies. For more details see www.qbr.com.au.
Digga is proud to announce they have been appointed the new distributor of Harley Rakes in Australia. Digga now boast Australia’s largest range of landscaping rakes, adding to their already impressive line of Power Rakes and Digga Rakes.
Digga, Australia's largest manufacturer and exporter of machinery attachments, gearboxes and mini loaders are proud to introduce Digga Service. Digga service is the amalgamation of the two service divisions of Digga Attachments & Kanga loaders ...
18 March 2010
DIGGA Australia and CEO Suzie Wright recently featured in a QBR article ...
Article by www.qbr.com.au
Digga Australia is set to power ahead in 2010. Fresh from winning "Gold Coast Business of the Year" the 'British Export Excellence Award' and the coveted 'Australian International Design Award' in 2009, Digga is looking for even greater success this year ...
Digga Australia wins 2009 Gold Coast Business of the year. This accolade comes after being crowned with both the “2009 Australian International Design Award” and the “2009 British Export Excellence Award” earlier in the year ...
13 February 2009
DIGGA Australia's acquisition of Kanga Loaders will ensure the highly successful loader stays fully Australian owned and made, and with the added strength of Digga's manufacturing, engineering, research & development capabilities, the Kanga brand will continue to grow well into the future ...
DIGGA Australia was recently awarded an "Australian Design Award" for its revolutionary new product I-Drive. the 2009 International Australian Design Awards. It was designed and developed on the Gold Coast by company founder Stewart Wright and his R&D team ...