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Earthmoving Machinery Attachments

Machines 750kg-50t
Augers from 100-1500mm
Machines 750kg-50t
Australia's Premier
Machines up to 8t
Up to 350mm cut & 1500mm depth
Suits most machines
From 1550-2130mm
Angle / Bucket Brooms
From 860-2500mm
Machinery Attachments
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What our customers say

The slasher is always impressing our customers with just how much it can slash and the different types of weeds and lantana it removes so quickly. READ MORE

- Rocky's Excavations

I have been using Digga now for 2 years and will continue to do so. DNA have used many other products on the market but find Digga [auger drives] to produce plenty of power at an affordable cost. In my opinion, Digga products give the best bang for buck! READ MORE

- Alex Vella, DNA Contract Services